One question that is asked the most by the customers is how to maintain the bath shower screen to make it look as new. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips that would make your shower screen look good and clean always. These easy to follow tips would make it a lot easier to keep your glass screen durable and gleaming in elegance.

Regularity Always Wins

As it goes with everything else, it is quite important that you regularly maintain and clean your glass shower screen. This is something that is quite important. Regular cleaning will not only avoid grime build up, but it will also make it easier for you to remove the stains that we leave on almost daily like soap scums. It is better that you do not let these stains linger around for a long time. You should do this routinely or at least once a week to make sure any mineral deposits from water, chemicals from bath products like shampoo, shower gels, face wash etc. are removed. Leaving them on can affect the durability of glass over time.

Aside from the bath shower screen, you should schedule regular clean up for the entire bathroom as it will help to reduce later work.


Keep the Glass Screen Dry

This may seem like a difficult thing to do and sound ironic too since these shower screens are typically installed in the shower areas and are continually exposed to water. But, you should definitely try to keep them dry at the other times of the day when the area is not in use. We would recommend you to rinse the glass with water and then wipe it down dry with a soft cloth. Do it right after you take a bath, it will take maximum 5 minutes to do it.

Or you can turn on an exhaust fan or leave the shower open to let the glass dry. All these things might feel like a lot of hassle to do. But, it would definitely save you a lot of time scrubbing down the lane.


Use Appropriate Cleaning Products

Any use of harsh chemical substances can really damage the bath shower screen and cause harm to your glass. Even though we provide durable bath shower screens, it can still get damaged if not maintained properly. So, if you enter the supermarket to buy cleaning products for your house, it is necessary that find and pick a one that is gentle for premium shower screens. Also, make sure that you use a clean, soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface. You can also use the sponge for the job.