Designing your home with Semi Frameless Shower Screens can be one of the most thrilling experiences for any homeowner, because, let’s get real, you know your style and personality more than anyone else.

Although there are various constraints that many may come across such as space, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of your home.

For this blog, we will take a look at designing functional bathrooms that don’t have the luxury of space.

Flow with Semi Frameless Shower Screen

Your master bedroom is your haven. Your place of pure serenity and peace of mind. A master bedroom with an ensuite bath on the other hand is a staple need for privacy and luxury. This is a place where there are no rules. Only you and your personal features matter most. Whatever it is that makes sense to you can be added here. From dual vanities and single shower, you own this place. Depending on the amount of space you have, you will have an idea of what you can actually do with the layout of your bathroom.

Divide and Conquer

For the sake of functionality, creating a comfortable way to have at least one more person, beside yourself, sharing the bathroom is critical. Finding a way to harmoniously order and establish a clear area should be your main focus. Placing the toilet, for example, in a privatised compartment, over adjacent to a tub or shower can open up the room for a shared ‘bathing room’. If you do have the luxury of space, having a dual sink i a single vanity counter can increase functionality, which is paramount.  

The Storage Space-Case

It is so vital to have storage elements in your bathroom and even with a limited bathroom space, you can think of the possibilities of adding tall armoire, open shelving or individual ‘cubbies’ for towels and supplies. Have wide hallway or adjacent closet? Plan around that and gain additional space.

Jazz it Up!

One great way of adding elegance and style in your bedroom is with semi frameless shower screen. They are create the illusion of more space and can also be used for other things, like mounting towels instead of having towel rails. Increase the space with reflecting mirrors, or a mirror cabinet for more style and still have solve that storage dilemma. Do yourself and include large format tiles in your small bathroom. They do wonders

Bathroom designs range in style from having an energetic space with bright features to a more serene spa-like neutral ambience, you have so much to choose from. It’s all about personal style. Add textures, colour and design to complement your bedroom.

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