Mirrors are a quick way to update your design and are much less expensive than the alteration of fixed finishes such as tiles and stone, or the replacement of fixed elements such as built-in vanities, bathtubs, etc. The elegant bathroom mirror along with bath shower screens are also a perfect way to bring a bit of designer shine to a bathroom in a rental.

There are several different types and shapes of mirrors that should be taken into account when designing or updating the design of your bathroom:

  1. Frameless mirrors are a great option when you have a busy wallpaper or a textured wall surface, as they do not affect these design elements. They go well with semi frameless shower screen and frameless shower screens Adelaide. A frameless mirror of clean lines with a beveled edge works perfectly in this design situation.
  2. A mirror with a unique shape brings style and personality to the design of a bathroom, like a mirror in the classic quatrefoil shape. It gives same uniqueness as wall to wall shower screen.
  3. Another style option is to bring a mirror with a frame that complements the design of your bathroom. A mirror like this with a beveled mirror and a frame made of carved wood would look perfect in a rustic setting.
  4. A more ornate style would look very good in layers on an existing mirrored wall. Layered design elements are essential in interior design to create visual interest in your design, and there is no reason why you should not use this technique in the bathroom as well.
  5. Scale is key when selecting a bathroom mirror. Tall, narrow mirrors are the perfect solution for small bathrooms as the narrow width fits perfectly for small sink or vanity areas. The height will give the room more verticality and make it look like you have higher ceilings.
    On the contrary, if you have particularly high ceilings or a large extension to cover, look for large and striking bathroom mirrors. When selecting a mirror, make sure it is not wider than the sink or vanity that you plan to hang on top.
  1. The bathrooms are full of hard edges that could use a little softening, and the round mirrors will add the perfect amount of softness to your design.
  2. Hang a pair of mirrors over pedestal sinks side by side or on top of a double vanity instead of a large mirror.
  3. A mirror with an intricate frame will dress a simple bathroom or have a dramatic impact on a space like a toilet.
    A powder room is the perfect space to have a little fun with the design and a mirror with an intricate frame in front of a wall with bold wallpaper creates a fun and dramatic space.
  1. Lighting, as in any room, is essential in a bathroom. You want your face to be evenly lit when you apply makeup or perform any other self-grooming task. Who wants to look in a mirror and have unflattering shadows on his face that makes your face look macabre? I do not.

Mirrors with built-in lights are ideal for bathrooms, where there may not be room for wall lights on either side of the mirror.

Once you have become accustomed to a mirror style, it is time to hang it. How tall your mirror should hang should be based on your height, or more generally, on the height of an average person (5 feet 6 inches is a good average height to work). The mirror must be hung so that the person looking in the line of the mirror falls in the center of the glass. Make sure the base of the mirror is at least 6 inches above the counter or sink.

These styles of bathroom mirrors are a small investment that can have a big impact on the design. Which style would work best in your bathroom? Has this publication helped you make a decision on that front? Let me know in a comment below!

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