Choose From Our Wide Selection Of Bath Shower Screens

The use of bath shower screens, as with most modern homes, is now a prevailing trend. When it comes to selecting a glass shower screen for your newly upgraded bathroom, there’re several options to choose from. You could choose your bath shower screens based on style including framed, semi-framed or frameless. It may interest you to know that regardless of the size of your space, our products will always conform well. Simply put, they can be customized to properly suit any bathroom.

Framed shower screens

If you cherish the outlook of a clearly defined shower recess, then you should consider our premium shower screens. They combine beauty and functionality to feature contoured profiles and rounded corners suitable for eliminating soap and dirt traps. They come in a range of glass types and standard frame colors. Whether you’re building a new bathroom or you’ve just done some upgrades, these bath shower screens are sure to fit. Basically, we strive to support our clients with the utmost functionality and reliability they deserve for a lifetime.

Frameless shower screens

When it comes to design, style, and luxury, these bath shower screens are the ultimate. In a bid to provide an excellent aesthetic appeal, we get them to complement your bathroom decor with uncluttered lines. The offer the ultimate statement of luxury any bathroom can ever possess. Despite their elegant simplicity, we do not compromise their amazing design and quality. Our shower screens Adelaide are designed to provide a spacious quality appealing to the eyes. This alone makes them unique in both style and performance.

Semi-frame shower screens

If you are looking for standard screens that can endure elegance, look no further. We’ve got the right solution to your practical needs. Regardless of your shower unit enclosure type, these screens can ensure a minimal water leakage in your bathroom. Of course, this is water they are manufactured for. Our semi frameless shower screens are built with high-quality sealing components with a clever construction.