How to Choose Your Wall To Wall Shower Screen

The bathroom seems to be the most favorite place for most homeowners in the home. More so, most
people find relaxation in the bathroom after a stressful day’s job. Thus, there is the need to make the
bathroom graceful and comfortable with wall to wall shower screen. To do this, you must first install a good shower in
the bathroom. Other than this, it is important to make it stylish and well-designed using shower
screens. These screens are amongst the few things which provide elegance and style to the shower
The truth is; they are a necessity because they keep you safe whenever you use the shower. More so,
these screens help you spend a long time of comfort in the shower to take your bath. In fact, they
serve as the door to your shower area. Thus, separates your shower area from the toilet. These screens
come in a variety of designs, materials as well as colors. So, it is necessary to consider certain
important factors in choosing your screens.
Factors you need to consider

1. The style of screens

In choosing your shower screens, it is necessary you consider the various style of screen available. This
is one of the most astonishing parts of your quest for a comfortable and stylish bathroom. So, it is
necessary that you look at catalogs and brochures. In fact, visit showrooms and look at the various
displays. This will help you to get first-hand information about the various screen style available. In
doing this, consider all options like frameless, semi-framed, semi-frameless or fully-framed. Do not
rush to a conclusion as you might end up with a regretful choice once it is installed. In choosing the
style of your screen, it is important to consider the design of your bathroom.

Wall To Wall Shower Screen

2. The spacing of your bathroom

Bathroom spacing is a vital factor to consider in choosing a screen for your toilet. It is possible that the
various designs, types, and styles of the screen might confuse you. Thus, leads you to make the wrong
choice if you do not consider your bathroom spacing. So, there is the need to consider this factor
before you make your final decision.

3. The type of material used in making the screens

There are several materials used for making shower screens. These materials include brass, glass, gold
and many others. So, it is necessary to consider the material before you chose the screen to use in your
bathroom. To do this, make inquiries from dealers to compare the pros and cons of each material.
More so, consider the manner of shower and location of the screen in your bathroom before you
decide on the material. This will help you decide on what is best for you.

4. Your budget

In choosing a screen for your bathroom, you must consider your budget. How much money have you
earmarked for the project? This is important to avoid overshooting your budget. So, you must be
realistic when it comes to budgeting for your shower screens.

5. The cost of maintenance and cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital if you want nice and fully operating shower screens. So, it is
necessary to consider the maintenance and cleaning cost.