Frameless shower door is one of the fixtures that adorn a modern shower. Bathrooms of the modern
era are reputed for their fluidity and openness. A frameless glass shower door confers this openness
and helps to emphasize the bath contemporary fixtures and immaculate vanities. Former bathroom
doors tend to give the bathroom a confined, closed feeling, working against its aesthetics. Frameless
glass shower doors have been gaining popularity among homeowners recently. Below are five pros
of frameless shower doors;

1. Easy customization:

One of the major pros of frameless glass shower door is its easy customization. These doors can easily
be tailored made to fit your bath area, regardless of size or shape. This allows for greater flexibility, as
you don’t have to stick to the same generic design.

The traditional rectangular shower door may sometimes not be suitable for your shower. Particularly
when adjustments have to be made. Some of these adjustments leave displeasing designs. But with
frameless glass shower doors, you have a range of choice from which to choose.
The size is not the only aspect of these doors that can be customized. The glass thickness and quality
can also be varied according to interest or budget.

2. Elegant appearance:

This is one of the top selling points for frameless shower doors. They help to make a bathroom feel
more open and larger. So instead of walling off a huge portion of your bathroom, these doors helps to
integrate your shower space into the bathroom area. They are also a way to upgrade the appearance
of a bathroom.

3. Prevent mold growth:

These glass showers are also known to prevent the growth of mold. They are known to fit perfectly
into the space that was created for them. Therefore, not leaving any extra space for mold to grow or
flourish. This is unlike what is obtainable in framed shower doors. Accumulation of water and mold are
some of the things that should be avoided at all cost. It isn't hygienic nor good for the health.

4. Easy to maintain:

Just like it was stated above, water accumulation is not good for health. Another advantage of
frameless glass shower door is its easy maintenance and management. To clean the glass, all that is
needed is a dry neat cloth. The same rag in a soapy mixture can be used to clean the glass. Also, since
there are little or no metals used in these frameless enclosures, there is no need to replace corroded

5. Long lasting:

Frameless shower doors are made of tempered glass. This allows them to be used for a very long time.
There are hardly incidences of them breaking, nor is there a need to have them changed. They are
made of glass with a thickness between 3/8 and 1/2 inch. They are a form of one-time investment.

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