The Best Frameless Shower Screen Price

We specialize in providing frameless shower screen made from toughened safety glass. Our designs are well known for their elegance, clean lines, Ana well as their timeless and unique charm. They are suitable for any interior decor and produce a striking result. With a combination of modern technology, creativity, and quality designs we offer a range of frameless shower screen price. We have different ones to suit any style and budget.

Our products are durable and easy to maintain. We also provide warranty on all our products and offer finishes in gold, satin chrome, and chrome.

Our Frameless Shower Screen Price

The frameless shower screen is a lot thicker than framed shower screen for added security. Hence, they cost more. Since the glass panels are quite heavy, a professional must be called in to install it. Despite this, our frameless shower screen price is affordable, and they include:

Two-panel frameless screen- 850mm x 200mm for A$000 (plus an added A$000 for installation)

Three panels sliding door frameless shower screen- 1740mm x 1785mm x2000mm costs about A$000 (plus an added A$000 for installation)

A frameless glass walk-in shower- 2100mm x 900mm including aluminum channel will cost about A$000

Rectangular glass shower screen-(frameless) 800mm x 600mm for A$000

Why Choose Our Products?

We provide Grade A safety shower glass laminated or toughened based on customer preference.

We install quality brass fittings to ensure the product lasts long.

Our frameless shower screens Adelaide will be made available in the right measurement. So, you do not have to worry about the screen not fitting properly when it is installed.

Our frames and other products also come with a warranty.

Our installers are highly skilled, qualified and are professional glaziers.

We also measure and make custom made shower screens.

Our shower screens Adelaide give your bathroom a beautiful, uncluttered look, creating an on-trend wet room. Our frameless shower screen price is the most competitive in Adelaide. Our products are available in various shapes and sizes.