The Glass Splashback Adelaide has become a very attractive aesthetic solution since they combine
aesthetic beauty, functionality, ergonomics, and quality. They provide a feeling of well-
being, warmth, and visual cleanliness. But, there are often a few different options for a
splashback, which can often get overwhelming. It can be hard to choose a splashbacks
Adelaide when there are many options. Not only do looks play a big part in the decision
process, but also the functions of different types of splashbacks. So, which is best?

Should you choose a tile splashback? Or a glass splashback? Like many choices of
materials in and around the home, there are advantages and disadvantages to both
types of splashbacks.


1. Modern looks: Glass splashbacks Adelaide are great for cooking areas of the kitchen
or even the whole kitchen if you prefer. They can easily provide a very modern look for
your kitchen, regardless of how else you decorate it.

2. It’s brighter:

Glass has the advantage of creating a brighter kitchen. As the light
reflects on the glass, you may find that it creates a brighter atmosphere. It can also
make the kitchen feel larger. As there are often no joins with a glass splashback, so you
can get a free-flowing look that is not obtainable with tiles.

3. Easy maintenance:

Because there is no grout with a glass splashback, this means it is
easier to clean. By using a simple glass cleaner, you can wipe away any stains easily and

4. Stunning feature:

Often, glass splashbacks Adelaide are used in a contrast color to
the cupboards and other kitchen features. This way, your glass splashback can actually
become a feature of the kitchen in its own right.

5. Matching your kitchen:

If you choose your benchtop, you may find a matching glass
splashback Adelaide, to go with the benchtop. This will be easier if opting for a
splashback that is dark in color. Wooden or bamboo styled benchtops may be best with
a tile splashback as there will be more color and style options.

6. Flexibility:

There is a wide range of tiles that you can use, ensuring full
customization of your kitchen. There are also numerous styles, sizes, and textures
available, as opposed to a glass splashback.

7. Traditional Splashbacks Adelaide:

If you’re looking for a traditional look for your kitchen, wall tiles
are a great option. As wall tiles have always been traditionally used as kitchen
splashbacks Adelaide, this look will compliment old-school styles. For example, a
country kitchen will look great with a wall tiled splashback.

8. Low cost:

One of the greatest reasons people still opt for a Glass splashbacks Adelaide
is the cost. Glass can be quite expensive, depending on the size of your kitchen and the
dimensions you choose. Wall tiles are a lot cheaper and can also be bought at various

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