In a Kitchen Splashback, the choice of the splashback is paramount. First, because it protects your
walls, then because it is a decorative asset not to neglect. It gives all its style to the
kitchen! The backsplash, or splash back as it is also known, is an often overlooked
component of this area. The space located on the wall directly behind and above the
bench that incorporates the stovetop and sink is at risk of becoming dirty during
cooking and food preparation. It is common for those inevitable oil and sauce splashes
to end up on this back wall area.

A Kitchen Splashback is created by attaching a waterproof material to the wall area so as to
make it easy to clean and wipe down any splashes or remnants of cooking activity. In
addition to being completely functional, however, a splashback can also be a creative
way to add some extra visual impact and style to your kitchen. There are a number of
things you can do to achieve a stylish look that fits with your interior and decor.

Stainless steel

When it comes to modern or industrial chic designs, it doesn’t get much better than
stainless steel. In addition to matching your appliances, stainless steel provides an
impactful backdrop to your kitchen. It is both a highly utilitarian and stylish choice,
with textured steel providing an added effect. Perhaps the only downside of stainless
steel is that it is notorious for holding fingerprints, so keep it clean with a soft rag in
order to always have it looking its best.


Another truly modern material, glass has become a popular choice in designer homes.
It’s easy to clean with a simple wipe down, and its simplicity means that it never looks
out of place, no matter the style of your home or kitchen. Stained and colored glass
are both also available as splashback materials for those looking to create a focal point
or have a greater impact in their kitchen.

Kitchen Splashback Laminate

As the most economical option, a laminate is also known for the sheer amount of
choice it offers when it comes to color, design, and texture. The material is extremely
easy to maintain; however, one drawback is that most laminate Kitchen Splashback that
extends from the countertop only reach a few inches up the wall. This is easily solved
with a washable paint for practicality and style.


Popular in kitchen and homes that are short on space, mirrored splashbacks have the
added benefit of creating an illusion of extra space. The reflection of light means that
they can make the smallest of kitchens feel somewhat airy. Easy to clean but potentially
more delicate and prone to cracks than other materials. Mirrored splashbacks are a
popular choice amongst those looking for a contemporary modern look.

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