Enhance Your Bathroom Space With Our Wall To Wall Shower Screen

When remodeling a bathroom, you need not comprise space and it is also important to ensure adequate efficiency. Along with these, there’s no better way of ensuring a modern open space design in your bathroom than installing screens. Our wall to wall shower screen will keep your bathroom neat and splash free and also ensure a minimalist use of space.

Apart from being a unique fashion statement of elegance, our shower screens are designed to control water splashes. Our wall to wall shower screen can efficiently control the spread and unwanted dispersal of water around the bathroom.

While maximizing the use of available space, we deem it fit to provide customers with more functions. With accessories like shelves, you can now enjoy greater functionality in your wall to wall shower screen. Apart from making the shower screen look more functional, the shelves have also help to make them sturdier. The glass panels now enjoy adequate support from the shelves.

Quality is power

Our bath shower screens are made with thick glass and they are available on thickness 6, 8 or 10 mm. Just so you know, the glass made for our shower screens are products that can be tempered. Basically, we are focused on creating shower screens with comfortable spaces. Along with a touch of elegance in your bathroom, we offer full privacy by combining various glass finishes or prints.

Follow the trend

Having modern, healthy spaces in the interior is part of our design trend. Our wall to wall shower screen is designed to give your bathroom that trendy look it deserves. Thanks to its seamlessly smooth surface, you stand to benefit a lot from a material that is easy to maintain. Generally, glass doesn’t emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). So, there is so much to benefit healthwise from using our premium shower screen.